A profound challenge confronts the world. How do we end hunger amidst these challenging times? Hunger is affected by government and politics. The tools to do so seem to be at our grasp, yet everyday hundreds of thousand people especially die from preventable causes.
We must never accept the notion that starvation, hunger and widespread malnutrition are permanent conditions. Inequitable availability of food is a manmade situation, not some quirk of nature. We can begin to address hunger by first acknowledging that the means to alleviate the suffering is at our disposal and then accepting our responsibility to share some of our prosperity.

There are organizations that unite millions of people around the globe simultaneously which demonstrates the people’s ability to make significant contributions to the battle against hunger. We cannot simply wait for the hungry with their emancipated faces to peer out at us before we respond and help.  We can also minimize hunger by teaching the people to teach agronomy, plant trees, vaccinate their livestock, introduce new production techniques, dig fish ponds and train nutritionists. We must also challenge our universities to commit their best and brightest minds to attacking the vexing causes of hunger. We must encourage big companies and businesses to devote more of its greater share of its financial resources to the battle against hunger.  How will we know if you are making serious progress in fighting hunger and generating self-sufficiency? It is painfully clear, however that no single entity can make a serious challenge to the world hunger on its own. In this time of austerity, programs fighting hunger can attain their full potentials impact if coordinated with an international collaborative effort. There are some Agencies that devotes more than half of its development assistance budget to increasing food production and improving food consumption. UNICEF, Save the Children Federation, CRS and CARE are some just some of the private that help fight hunger. The US congress has for years provided food assistance to CRS and CARE for their work around the world. These organizations re working energetically on primary health care, emphasizing the promotion of breastfeeding., backyard gardening, infant growth monitoring and oral rehydration therapy, cleanliness and sanitation. Learn more on how to keep your house clean and germ free. Read more to know how to properly clean your drapes. https://drapescleaning.com.au

There can no longer be any excuse for neglect. The interdependence of our world demands all our attention, all our technical resources, and the creative energies of the best minds. The world I crying for our help, and we must respond with caring, compassion, creativity and currency.

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