Why Politicians Dress the Same 

It seems like almost all politicians look the same because of the way they dress. It is not because it is how they dress ever since and it is not because they want it, but because their job require them to look smart and professional. This is in order to gain respect from the people.

When it comes to looking reserved and professional, politicians dress in a smart casual or formal attire. This has been their dress code for a lot of years now. To those politician in high ranking, dressing in smart casual is not enough They have to dress in formal, like wearing coat and tie. This is important especially among politicians who are speaking in television. But for those politicians who are, for instance, representing a city, no need to overdress. A Blouse or a polo would be enough?

What Clothing Does Politician Prioritize

When it comes to thinking what to wear, it will not be hard for politicians because they actually have a simple dress code, which is, like I have mentioned before, smart casual or formal attire, depending on the occasion or event.

Obviously, when deciding what to wear, they usually focus on their clothes because it is what people look at first especially when they talk to in front of so many people. This is the case in both male and female politicians. They do not give much attention on the pants, skirt, and footwear as long as their blouse or polo are on point.

Why Politicians Must Give Attention to their Footwear 

Although they have a point when it comes to prioritizing the clothes they should wear, footwear is important too. Yes, people always notice the clothes but it is because it is what politicians are prioritizing. But if they give much attention to the footwear, like trying work boots from https://mybestworkboots.com/composite-toe/ instead of the usual closed shoes or sandals.

Also, if footwear is given enough attention, a politician might need not to overdress because wearing the perfect shoes may make you stand above the others.

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