These aren’t meant to be portrayed as the most important factors or considered as the only factors affecting the country – a country is dependent on a whole lot of factors, these are just some examples of them.

few ruling families

Political dynasties are commonplace in the Philippines, more or less 10giants have control over the government. The family name that draws power – some candidates are voted just because they are a son/daughter of certain famous person, they are voted despite their histories of corruption or crime. do they have the capability to lead the people? Have their ancestors done a great job at leading the people? We vote because they are familiar – but are they capable? Or are they merely capable of buying your vote?

The Media

People tend to believe everything they see on television even without scrutinizing the information presented. The media enables the people to have access to information – information that can make the people more involved in the political scene.  Although you may say that most media outlets function for the benefit of the people, biases still can’t be avoided. Check out this Crash Course video to learn more about media and politics.

Colonial Mentality

A foreigner is usually more respected than your own countrymen –why is this so? Are we truly free from colonial rule? Although nowadays going local is becoming a trend, people still attach a certain prestige to imported materials and products. Foreign markets are dominant in the Philippines and these foreign markets and investors are even more supported by some government officials – whether their purpose is for the benefit of the country or the benefit of the country is beyond me.

People tend to reject local/ indigenous materials – claiming that they are for the poor or are not classy enough – these perceptions itself are disturbing – the standard of beauty and usefulness have already been altered. But take note, these materials we shun have lived with us and our ancestors for generations – they are materials that are tested and known to function well in our country. We say we are a proud Filipinos, but why doe this not reflect in our lifestyles and in the people we support?

The People

The most ideal but sadly perhaps one of the weakest voices in the political scene nowadays is the voice of the people – people turn a deaf ear to protests, a blind eye to the deaths of those who fight for freedom, and constant praise to those who take their rights away from them. The people are strong together, we just have to believe in its strength.




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