Since the Nov. 03 Election Day, Trump was already raising funds for his political operations, claiming tons of bogus election results needed legal addressing. So far, latest reports say that as much as $170 million have been collected as fresh campaign funds, even as a concerned Trump campaign aide revealed shady deals related to the campaign money.

The emails sought donations to help Trump’s defense team in filing lawsuits aimed at overturning the results of the election, However, copies of the email shared with news outlets showed writings in fine print disclosing that 60% of the funds raised will be used in paying off unpaid campaign expenses. Only the remaining amount will go to Trump’s legal defense fund. After all, the majority of the lawsuits filed never made it past the first federal court, as they were rejected by the presiding judges for lack of evidence.

Yet while Trump boasted that he was able to raise an unprecedented amount in billions, to fund his present and future political activities, many wonderwhy his campaign coffers do not have any money left to pay for Trump’s campaign expenditures,

Where did Trump and His Campaign Team Spend Monies Raised as Election Campaign Funds?

Business Insider received info from an anonymous tipster that Trump’s son-in-law and Senior Adviser, Jared Kushner, initiated and approved the setting up of a shell company called the American Made Media Consultants (AMMC) According to the Business Insider source, more than 50% of Trump’s campaign fund were paid to AMMC, without any explanations or documents to show the nature of the fund appropriations.

Furthermore, the source said Kushner had designated Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, Campaign Chief Financial Officer Sean Dollman, and John Pence, a nephew of VP Mike Pence, to act as members of the shell company’s board.

At first, Trump’s campaign staff had no knowledge of the AMMC company to which they took part in effecting transactions that disbursed about $617 million to the shell company created by Kushner. When they finally learned the truth about AMMC, the unexplained transactions in which they took part in paying out huge sums to AMMc has caused them distress.