After spending months dismissing the serious implications of COVID-19, Trump announced early Thursday morning via Twitter he’d been stricken with the virus. His wife, Melania Trump, and eight other public officials tested COVID-positive as well.

Basic human decency calls for feelings of sympathy even toward persons who do not conform with our beliefs and principles. Yet how about the past incidents in 2020, starting with Trump’s lack of willingness to seriously address the pandemic that has already claimed the lives of more than 208,000 Americans. Are we supposed to suppress feelings of outrage in knowing that he was instrumental in letting the pandemic outbreak reach unmanageable levels.

Trump was Responsible for Spreading the Disease Even after He Showed Symptoms

Known for consistently refusing to wear masks, while holding mass gatherings by way of indoor rallies that citizens are prohibited from doing. Subsequent contact tracing revealed he contracted the virus from one of the public events he held or attended last week.

He got it from his top adviser Hope Hicks who tested positive of the coronavirus, with whom Trump was in close contact. She was a part of his preparatory team for the presidential debate against Joe Biden. Hicks also attended the campaign rally of the President in Duluth, Minn last Wednesday night while already asymptomatic.

Last Friday, WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told reporters that the President has been experiencing only mild symptoms of the virus.

In contrast, two of the people who spent time with Trump in a fundraiser event last Thursday, told a reporter from The Washington Post that Trump already looked exhausted when he delivered his speech. Thereafter, Trump’s condition continued to regress as more symptoms popped up, e.g. nasal congestion, cough, and a low-grade fever.

The two administration officials who agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity confided that it was only last Friday evening that decisions were made to move the President to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Can We Expect Trump to Reveal His Real Condition?

Known to lie and fabricate excuses that would hurt his self-proclaimed image of being America’s greatest president, can we expect Trump to reveal his real condition?

Trump seems to be at greater risk for a severe outcome because of critical health factors like age, gender, weight, and other existing health problems. As stated by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk increases with each additional year from ages 65 to 74, and 75 to 84. Born in 1946, the 45th United States President is currently 74 years old.

While the CDC also stated that men constitute 57 percent of all fatalities from coronavirus, Trump’s apparent obesity adds as cause for potential Covid-19 complications. Based on the agency’s COVID-19 advisory on risk factors, a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher places infected persons at high risk. That being the case, Trump’s BMI 30.5, falls under the classification of “increased risk of severe illness.”

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