Last Saturday night, Trump returned from his disappointing Tulsa rally looking beaten and forlorn, as the underwhelming turnout was not what expected. Unable to hide the look of defeat, Trump of course blames the news media and his campaign manager Brad Parscale for making him believe that more than 1 million genuine supporters are eager to see him back on the campaign trail.

Adding insult to injury is that it later turned out that Tik Tok and K-Pop Zoomers tanked the rally by collaborating to sign up for tickets but with no real intention of showing up. Apparently, only about 6,000 or more of the one miilion who requested tickets were legitimate Trump supporters, being the estimated number of audience that actually showed up to attend Trump’s Tulsa rally.

Brad Parscale Beaten by Savvy Teenagers in Using Social Media Tactics

Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale fell right into the trap, hailing what he claimed as the “biggest rally signup of all time and largest social media data haul, which he estimated as 10x greater.” He was so sure that an overwhelming crowd will attend the Tulsa rally, it pushed for additional for a satellite venue and a large stage outside of the BOK Center stadium.

The general visualization was that Trump and his sidekick Pence would have to address the overflow crowd with an outdoor speech. However, the outdoor stage was dismantled even before the rally inside was over.


During the days leading to the BOK Center event, Trump appeared very excited and had kept bragging that more than a million tickets were requested. The Trump supporters who were already camped outside of the arena all the more boosted Trump’s high expectations. Many had also anticipated tension and possibly even violence would arise, if Trump succeeds in stirring up his racist fans.

To avoid being victimized by Trump’s ploy, OK’s Black Lives Matter rallyists and supporters steered clear of the date, deciding not to hold protest actions at all. Still, while speaking at the rally, Trump made repeated claims that there are some really “bad people” outside but failed to trigger the effect he wanted.