The United States of America has a chance to turn up a new page of its history this year, or perhaps stick to the current one with the upcoming presidential elections. A lot of things have happened in the past four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, and the current president has faced many crippling national issues, starting with a crooked justice system, poor calamity response, police brutality, and racism, to name a few. However, the recent events in the first few months of 2020 could be the turning point for Trump’s dream of being reelected as president, particularly on the government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

As of writing, USA is still the top country with the most number of reported COVID-19 cases, surpassing the 2-million mark. There are also more than half a million deaths reported inside the country, and it is expected that the situation will only get worse from here. We can point at many things to blame for the huge public health crisis that the USA is currently in, and the COVID-19’s negative effect on the economy has already started to be felt. Although, we could not blame the people who are pointing the blame at the government itself for its poor response to this pandemic.

The big question now is will the COVID-19 crisis be the dealbreaker in the 2020 presidential elections? Will the novel coronavirus be Trump’s real opponent to cost him another 4 years of sitting at the White House?

Donald Trump

COVID-19 Surely Will Be A Big Factor In Declaring The Winner Of The Upcoming Presidential Polls

In spite of the troubling situation in the country, President Trump is positive that the American people will win the fight against COVID-19 and the country can now start rising from the ashes. The reopening of the country’s economy was already ordered, in hopes that industries heavily affected by the weeks-long lockdown to curb the rate of infection will survive. If these industries fall, the economy will crumble in less than a year. There are people who applaud Trump’s political will to save the economy amid the pandemic, although there are also people who believe that the president is showing less priority for the country’s citizens.

Trump can use his remaining time before the presidential election to prove to the American people that he truly cares for them, especially in getting everyone through the COVID-19 pandemic. The president may resort to other gimmicks to gain support, or perhaps he might consider to buy tiktok followers online.