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Language is almost always involve in a lot of things we do in life- whether we are at work, school, or even at home. We even incorporate language into sports, and it determines our performance every singe day.

The problem is that, in some case, language is defined as something negative because of how people use it. Why is it that there is a need to tell ourselves that we are not that good enough, fast enough, or strong enough. Say for example, you have swimming classes under aquastream which is a premier swim school conveniently located in the city of Vaughan, Ontario. After quite some time, you  think you are not that improving so you always tell to yourself that you are not as good as the other students.

There are other factors that affect the way we think and speak about swimming, but one thing that sticks out is the political environment that is most often associated with sports. Politics in terms of sport can be associated with power struggle, conflict between individuals, and unnecessary judgement.

Swimming is a competitive sport. There will always be people who are very willing to go in to a healthy competition with you. And of course, there will always be people who are much faster, stronger, and who can stretch their arms out farther or kick harder but because of the political tension on almost every pool deck across the country, many athletes no longer use competition as a means to improve their own performance. It becomes a game of one upping one another rather than trying to push each other to be the best that each individual can be.

Although how one uses language is ultimately up to each individual himself, outside factors affect the word that swirl inside one’s head in terms of competition. Coaches telling swimmers they are not good enough, comparing them to other swimmers, or solely using them for points can cause swimmers to feel used or useless. Harsh words coaches often use to describe to take down the competition.

With each race, in order to give our full and honest effort, we must not get into the minds of others but race with our hearts and use each outcome as a means for improvement. We should be able to say “nice race” to the competition next to us and truly mean it.

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