We are all aware that the internet plays a major role in today’s life. This can’t be disregarded because it is being taken advantage in political campaigns, activism and even roles in governance. As a matter of fact, there’s still a debate on topics whether the internet leads to increased political polarization or not. Simply put, the potential of like-minded people to cluster closer together in their point of views and habits.

Even though there’s massive skepticism and criticism with the true meaning of large scale social media behavior with regards to tangible impact for political campaigns, there are critics that are pointing out that journalists aren’t keeping up on effective and new campaign tactics. However, things are totally different when it is for commercial applications. It is because furniture companies that sell adjustable beds, retail stores, hardware and the likes heavily use the influence of social media to boost their sales and expand to new market.

Personalizing Politics

Decline of group loyalties as well as social fragmentation pave way to the rise of new age of personalized politics.

This is when individually expressive personal action frames shifted collective action frames in various protests and activists.

As a matter of fact, you can notice the rise of political participation that are on large scale and takes place at rapid rate. All of which are focused at varieties of targets which range from candidates and parties, to brands, transnational organizations and corporations.

Politics and Social Networking Sites

The postings made on respective social media account unearth surprises among users with regards to individual political views. Nearly 4 out of 10 users found out via postings by their friends of their political beliefs and to which party they are siding were totally different than what they initially thought.

A small portion of users have unfriended, blocked or hid someone on the site simply because their posts were too often or they are disagreeing with them. Three quarters of social media users say that their peers are posting at least few contents that are related to politics on their accounts every now and then.

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