Every individual has their own freedom in choosing the religion they would like to have in their life. Thus, there are a lot of factors why people influence by religion and live their lives according to the values, perceptions of their chosen religion.

The church and the state needed to be separated, as there are many things that these two different but both have an important role in society and to the people. Religion today has there own ways of how to rule and influence their people, it is considered as the fundamental value which is cultivated to the people of the community. Various religions today wanted to have to share the good things about them and tend to have their own social media accounts or website for them to share their beliefs, values and good things.

People get influences and learn about religion today because of social media, just like when you are choosing the best gifts, an individual tends to explore such websites for some reviews and comments as well. This is really important especially if you have a lot of questions to ask. 


Religion As The Fundamental Value


  • Every Individual Follows.


There are a lot of people who see their religion as their standard in life. The way they act, the way they reach with other people depends on what their religion cultivated upon them. The main reason why a lot of religion uses social media as it is one of the most powerful weapons in sharing what they are and what is their purpose in introducing the religion, and values that they have. Religion is one of the most fundamental values of every individual it is because most of the people follow things about religion. 

  • Create New Perceptions of life. 


There are many people who are having a hard time fixing their problems, and thus religion can always change the perceptions of every individual this can change not only that but as well as the way they want to live their lives. So, people need to be vigilant in joining a religion for their spiritual growth.