Surveillance cameras or spy cameras, such as those reviewed by, are increasingly becoming a more prevalent element in the life of the people of America. The dread of violence and terrorism as well as the availability of inexpensive cameras have even more hastened the trend. So as to live safer, many homeowners install security cameras within and outside of their homes.

The usage of high-tech surveillance systems by the law enforcement agencies as well as other civic security officials is very disquieting especially in a democratic society. Many are concerned about public surveillance. In a discussion regarding whether or not surveillance cameras must be set in public vicinities, such as shops, schools, libraries, airports, restaurants and bars, several citizens feel extra safe with such cameras, whereas others as well as privacy promoters feel edgy and anxious concerning the verity that they are being watched or under surveillance whenever they are in public areas.

Security Cameras in Public Areas – Good or Bad?

Are surveillance cameras an invasion of privacy?  As per the in the discussion on security cameras and privacy, 42% have said yes and 58% said otherwise.

As you stroll the park, or walk on the side road, drive your vehicle, or chill out with friends or your significant other, cameras in public areas will be able to monitor you. This provides a full picture or portrayal of a person’s private life. Each one of us have a personal and private life and we certainly don’t want the government to be eavesdropping on it.  

Still, public surveillance also has its advantages, for instance it could aid law enforcement agencies in investigations as well as help protect us. There aren’t any laws disallowing cameras for surveillance in public vicinities. And over half of the citizens who participated in a survey think that such cameras wouldn’t be invading privacy if placed in public areas like in parking lots. Obviously, placing hidden cameras in public bathrooms, dressing rooms as well as other places where a person is expected to have privacy, are in majority of instances prohibited.

Advantages of Surveillance Cams in Public Areas
  • Increases the Safety of the Public
  • Helps in Lessening Crime Rate
  • Assists in Catching Delinquents
  • Used to Collect Clues and Supply Evidences