Google launched the third edition of the Pixel smartphone, it’s a smart speaker for the home featured with a display and the first ever tablet computer. The Android software has changed to the brain of many smartphones worldwide whereas Google has surpassed Amazon in smart speaker sales in recent years.

However, as outlined by Strategy Analytics, sales of Pixel phones are even more critical. Google’s shipments in the previous two years were less than 1% of the global market, and it also caused failures. The Pixel 3 at $799 and its big brother version, the Pixel 3 XL at $899 marked the most recent line of phone products of Google which it hopes will one day be as well-liked as that of the iPhone.

The Newest – Google’s Pixel Slate Tablet

The newest in the market, the Pixel Slate tablet uses Google’s more powerful Chrome OS laptop OS, not Android, for $599, competing with Apple’s series of iPad Pro tablet. Alphabet’s stock was barely shaken at the time of its release. Financial analysts say it’s difficult to assess Google’s hardware business because it is outweighed by the earnings of search advertising. Read more about Google pixel slate review.

Google explored the hardware business three years ago. So, much like Apple, it should have complete power over the overall performance of its software programs as well as the profits they make. Other mobile phone manufacturers make use of political media buying system. Sometimes exclude Google apps or share with advertising profits.

Broadening geographical distribution may increase the fate of Pixel. Pixel 3 will be launched in 10 countries. New inclusions incorporate France, Ireland, Taiwan, and Japan.

Equally useful is the fact that a new artificial intelligence application will certainly produce excitement among its consumer base. The software is only launched in the United States. It can answer calls, request info regarding the purpose of the call, and share it as text with recipients.

Nonetheless, Google once again signed an exclusive distribution agreement with wireless operator Verizon Communications, Pixel 3 may be restricted in the US, which means the device will receive a very little offering from other service providers.

We are yet what stays ahead of Pixel 3. For now, we can still enjoy all the apps that Google has to offer and look forward to what’s cooking up in the market.

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