Politics, on people’s perceptions, does have different meanings. For most people, it shows and portrays complications in everything. For some, politics are just about those people sitting to lead and govern the nation or their constituents.

We cannot blame people for having negative thoughts or bad mentality towards politics. As what everyone observes around the world, politics ruin a lot of things. The things that pertains to thinking about the people’s welfare, it could also be because of what they call political dynasty, the issue on getting the position to get the nation’s money, and the concern of power trip during one’s political term. These are just some of what people really think of a politician and government.

Politics is not created for the above mentioned matters. Politics exist because the goal of it is to build a good camaraderie and rapport with people with strong social representations when it comes to running a certain and particular territory. Politics is all about responsible and dedicated leaders. Leaders who do not just throw a command, but those who are more on actions that before they relay the command, they are already working on it. Leaders who are literally role models of their people. It has its objectives. We cannot deny the fact that because of politics with the government, we are bale to live with peace and order. Hierarchy is not bad at all when used in genuine way.

Politics is like the PestWise control, it controls what should be controlled but not to the point that it will look like it is manipulation. The world’s situation today is one of the greatest challenge that has been experiencing by everyone. This situation is the one that should be trapped to be gone.  Politics should be the trap of wrong doings not the pests that destroy everything.

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