Looking young is always be the desire of most people especially the public figures.


With this demand, plastic surgery is one of today’s trend in cosmetic field. Liposuction, breast augmentation, dermal filler, or even the plastic surgery tampa become the requirement of celebrities and most especially the political icons.


Mostly, politicians daily activities revolve around hand shaking larger number of people at different public events. Politicians are almost enjoying this kind of careers. And not a surprise, people always have this desire to meet political icons in their youthful image and not the old-aged face of those politicians.


Politicians of today’s time are almost attempting to save a little portion of their face. This help them to gain more confidence in facing the public. In today’s political era, politicians and plastic surgery are both treated with high discretion. But, whose really in with this kind of surgical procedures? Who lay down under the knife and improved some part of their body? Let’s find out below.


Politicians Who Were Thought to Had Plastic Surgery


Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, or Senator John Kerry, who among the three seems to went on under plastic surgery? Well, here is a list of political icons who had some physical alterations.


1. Mitt Romney


This presidential charming gentleman went after some type of forehead operation. It is not usual for a man, 64 years of age to have an upper head that has smoothness similar to that of a baby’s buttocks.


2. Hillary Clinton

A glowing new face of Hillary Clinton appeared to the public. And it is very much obvious for having her went under Botox and facelift for a younger-looking her.


3. Arnold Schwarzenegger


The popularity of Botox injections reached through the muscular “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger. He bid farewell to his wrinkles around his eyes with kind of treatment.


4. Nancy Pelosi


Pelosi’s eyebrows are in a high position, but it is not actually in the Congress. Her eyebrows positioned highly on her face. And she proved to be that she is the look of plastic surgery within politics.


5. John Kerry


For a public official, smiling in front of the media and of the people is highly important. But, it is also tiring to smile to lots of people at all times. That’s why John Kerry preserved his smile.

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