Politicians and plastic surgery are in some way linked together for many years. Many politicians have gone through the knife of aesthetics like Betty Ford. She had gone through plastic surgery during the years she spent in the White House, from 1974 to 1977. The former first lady had her neck and eye area done. She said she wanted a fresh new face that will go with her great new life.

Really, plastic surgery facilities (like plastic surgery Spokane WA) have spiked up in recent years. Could Trump be the reason for the growing trend in the aesthetic business?

So really, Trump is NOT the main reason why plastic surgery is trending these days. Trump’s remarks can be truthful but very harsh. However, this doesn’t mean that his choice of words towards his female opponents have not made an impact on the aesthetic industry. Because of Trump’s harsh words, there was certainly a spike in the trend of the business. A report said there was a sudden spike in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures that has grown to 18% since the data shown in 2016.

Why Politicians Would Rather Have Minor Procedures

The way we look is very crucial especially for public figures who would like to maintain good grace and personality. However as our bodies age, things begin to change, drop, and sag that presents an issue to many political figures. As their whole career is dependent upon their public personality, people in politics cannot risk a change in their physical appearance. In as much, they want to age with grace and beauty.

Politicians Would Like To Keep Their Aesthetic Procedures In Pure Discretion

Many people would certainly think that high-profile political figures would demand a degree of prudence. All things considered, when you see a highly regarded government official surfacing from a cosmetic surgery facility, it would certainly ignite curiosity from the media. Because of this, there are many aesthetic procedures which have been disguised at the rear of another business.

The aesthetic practice was created for highest possible privacy, therefore you will notice that most of these facilities have no waiting room. Should a patient is waiting around for a scheduled appointment, or they are resting with numbing cream on their face, the patient actually has space all to themselves to conceal their identity and keep their privacy safe. For a higher level of discretion, these centers actually provide a different entrance from the public eyes to see.


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