The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources unveiled truth and info that the usage of pendant lights Sydney electricity for lighting up (GBK) was able to save 50 percent after the innovation. The new face of GBK is followed by a new system of electricity supply. The stadium is equipped with solar panels with a capacity of 420 kWp which is capable of producing an average of 1,470 kWh / day. Complementing the stadium’s main energy source that comes from solar power, GBK electricity is also connected to the electricity source from PLN and the generator set. The previous lighting used metal halide technology, it took about 15 minutes to warm up before it could be turned on, now with LEDs, it can function as interactive dynamic lighting.

GBK lighting uses a set of 610 light points that are connected to a sound system with a power of up to 80 thousand watts of PMPO. Connections make the movement of the lights in tune with the music being played.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo through his Facebook account also mentioned that this stadium is one of the stadiums with the best lighting in the world. The statement is not without reason. Aside from being environmentally friendly because it uses Solar Power Plants (PLTS) as its main source of electricity, GBK has also used the highest standard Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps recognized by the world soccer federation (FIFA) and the international athletics federation (IAAF).

Some other recent changes, the stadium which was opened in 1962, namely the change of spectator seats into single seats. So that the capacity becomes 76 thousand seats.

The main stadium GBK now also has four changing rooms, each equipped with a coach room, waiting room, player changing room, bathroom with toilet, sink shower, tub with hot and cold water options, and a massage room.

GBK is also equipped with a media room that is made comfortable so that reporters can even use it as a mini studio and temporary office.