Music performs a huge part within the daily lives of people in society, from live performances for entertainment to ad campaigns of businesses. Hence, it is no surprise why many music streaming platforms are available in the market for artists to share their tunes to the world, buy streams, and connect with their listeners.

The Link Between Politics and Music

One aspect of society where music has made its way into is politics. The link between politics and music existed for centuries, at times agreeably and other times not so much.  Records of history are filled with samples of songs that applaud the triumphs of nations which could be dated back in ancient Egypt. However, conversely, songwriters have made use of their artistry when faced with social as well as political unjustness, and have originated songs that aim and aspire to enlighten their listeners on the apparent biases and disproportions of the time. From voter campaigns to protest tunes, campaign demonstrations to musical commendations and music artists campaigning, there’s no scarcity of love between politics and music.

As a kind of communiqué, music has constantly been utilized to express sentiments and thoughts on certain topics and issues of the day. The link between politics and music, predominantly political expression in music, is seen in numerous cultures. While music affects political movements, it isn’t clear how or to what certain level overall audiences connect with music at a political standpoint. Music could communicate political campaigns, subjects of protest or anti-establishment themes which includes songs against war, or pro-establishment philosophies, for instance in patriotic songs, national anthems. Several of these kinds of songs can be defined as topical songs.

Expressing a Political Message

Songs could be utilized to describe or express a certain political message. But there might be hindrances to when transmitting these types of messages. Even songs which are clearly political are frequently referenced and molded by their present-day political context which makes a perception of the history as well as the events and incidents that moved the music essential so as to fully realize and grasp the message.

The temperament of that political message could also be unclear since the term “political music” could be used either to music that simply observe or study political subjects, music which present a partisan outlook, or music which goes beyond and push for particular political action. Therefore, a difference has been formed, for instance, between the application of music as a channel for spreading awareness as an advocacy.