Covid 19 had a great impact on several landscaping businesses worldwide.

The challenges they face during these uncertain times are not easy. A survey done to weigh the impact was recently done. The respondents were landscaping businesses from different states in America. The results showed that this pandemic has affected businesses of all sizes. It showed that this pandemic was too devastating to the business. The great impact affected the company’s employees and customers as well. They fear they may go out of business anytime due to bankruptcy. According to the survey, their earnings were not even enough to cover expenses. They fear that they will completely be bankrupt if this crisis continue.

Michigan landscaping companies in limbo under executive order

Some landscaping businesses have already filed for bankruptcy. The prolonged stay at home policy and the impact had placed these businesses to a halt.
The government had categorized the landscaping and lawn service business as non-essential. Politics played an important role here. Their interest focused on the safety and health of the citizens. The Government were so specific on their categorization. Many businesses had to close because of this order.
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Another survey conducted showed that people agree to categorized Landscaping as essential. People believe that our present economy needs more people to work outdoors. Landscapers and lawn care specialist are among this group. They believe that they are the ones less at risk to contract the virus since they work on open spaces. As long as they practice health and safety protocols they are safe. Strict compliance to safety and health protocols for business
allowed to operate during this pandemic. Companies had to adjust their workflow. Companies had to add supplies needed to help stop the spread of the virus. This will ensure safety in the workplace. It will ensure their protection including the safety of their valued customers.
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