Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. The economy is growing. They have enough of everything. And yet too many people lack too much. The problem of poverty does not diminish, although economic strength grows and wealth increases. Germans, therefore, see it as their task to show the politically responsible, but also the economically strong in their country, the poverty and the associated lack of opportunities, participation, financial resources, and healthy food and to appeal to their responsibility.

Some core political demands

Tax justice A

Poverty policy requires fairer taxation and the fight against tax evasion, in particular the closure of tax loopholes. In this way, extensive structural changes to combat poverty can be co-financed.


Equal opportunities require free, needs-based, and high-quality education from daycare to university.

Stop food waste

The extent of food waste in Germany with 82 kg of food thrown away per person every year must be stopped. Information campaigns are needed for consumers and sustainable solutions from food production to retail.

Nutrition education

Sustainable and conscious handling of food and knowledge about healthy nutrition has to be learned. The introduction of a compulsory subject of nutrition education in schools and the teaching of skills in handling food must be further promoted. Information campaigns on how to improve blood circulation should be part of education.

Prevent poverty in old age

Anyone who has worked all their lives must not be poor in old age. This requires poverty-proof wages in working life, fairer recognition of care periods for children and parents in pension law as well as poverty-proof minimum pensions and basic security benefits in old age.

Integration and participation for all

Social exclusion, racism, xenophobia, and violence have no place in Germany. Integration and social participation must exist for all excluded people, regardless of their origin. The food banks are working on this nationwide. People expect this attitude and its implementation from the politically responsible.

Poor and marginalized people need a strong voice in politics

Poverty reduction needs structural solutions. That is why we demand poverty commissioners in the federal and state governments, who bundle the concerns and perspectives of poor people, continuously bring them to the federal and state governments, and ensure that the fight against poverty is given a high priority in political action over the long term.