What is the Espionage Act? Simply speaking, this is a law that is passed to set rules constituting illegal surveillance act. Meaning to say, you can’t simply use spy gadgets you’ve bought from ishotify.com/best-mini-spy-cameras/ to eavesdrop on someone or whatever purpose you deem fit for the gadget.

The First Time it was Discussed

As a matter of fact, it was in 1917 when US passed this act and even though subsequent Congress kept amending it, laws are still targeting to steer clear of military interference. Then, it was throughout WWI when it’s sought to bar the citizens from showing support on adversary nations. The Supreme Court has then agreed that the law was in congruence with freedom of expression in 1919. The law has encountered several contests in the court since then.

Along with other laws, the act is protecting privacy and outlining situations to which it is illegal to spy. There are basically a number of things in which it is considered an action is unlawful or deemed spying like the following:

  • Tricking or forcing people to get personal info
  • Acquiring info without consent

It even gets more serious when the info gathered is passed to other governments and these offenses can result to treason and can attract deportation, execution or even imprisonment.

Morality vs. Law of Spying

After Edward Snowden revealed how the US government is eavesdropping on its citizens, the concept of spying and hacking has became the talk of the town. We want to stop authorities from invading our privacy but we just don’t know how.

Spying can happen not just from the government but even from your employer. It could be that they’ve successfully installed software to spy on your phone and monitor your chats, browsing activities and calls. You can’t even rule out as well the fact that your spouse may be doing the same thing on you.

These case studies may be simple but it must give you answer on what illegal spying is all about. Sorry to say but majority of the things we are doing to try to snoop on our children, spouse and employees are all illegal. So long as you’re spying on something that isn’t yours, there is a big chance that you’re violating the law. Thus, be careful with your actions.

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