Internet has a large role on politics in terms of governance, activism and campaign. In fact, there are already debates on how the digital world is changing politics. There are researches and study on whether internet is changing the world of politics in positive or a negative manner. 

Politicians are already coping with the trend. The trend of using the online world on whatever they want their people or constituents to know. Especially during the pandemic that everyone is looking for their leaders to act out or at least reach out with their people.

The online world if used efficiently, will be an effective tool to control, for example, activism. Not all leaders are loved, and all leaders will have people who are against them. Activists who are using the internet to show their hate towards the current government can be easily tracked or traced and will easily be addressed to stop whatever the activists are spreading.

In terms of governance, the digital world is very efficient and effective in reaching out or communicating with everyone. This is also the reason why every department of the government, or even the politician himself, have their own websites for an immediate communication with their people.

For aspiring politicians or public workers, the internet can definitely be used for campaign. Yes, nothing can beat the effect of a personal and face-to-face public relations, however, if an aspirant politician will combine it with the use of the internet, the assurance of an absolute bigger market and more audiences are already there. The best wireless access points 2021 is a must so the campaign can be monitored anytime, anywhere.

Digital strategy has its consequences. The consequences will always depend and vary on how on used it and for what purpose it is being used. One thing is for sure, internet and politics have its benefits and advantages.