As a residential property manager, you will often times have single or multi-family houses to rent to tenants. Knowing how to maintain the structure and exterior of a house for lease requires that landlords should know about the different parts of the house that you need to regularly check.

The different parts of the exterior and structure of your rental houses that will need regular inspection to start from the roof, the external walls and foundation, doors and windows, and the gutters.


When making a house available for rent the first area you should inspect is the roof or have a professional roofing company do a roof inspection to determine any possible damages or replacement needed.


When inspecting a roof as a property manager you should always remember that it’s important to make sure that the roof is watertight. Leaking roofs can easily bring great damage or can completely destroy the entire house for lease. A small leak in the roof can start many problems in the property including mould, water rot, and other damages.

Simply by doing a full inspection of the roof or hiring a Roofing contractors in Toronto
to do the inspection for you can help to avoid unnecessary damages and costs to the houses for rent.

Identify Potential Leaks

After the rental house is occupied you need to continue to be diligent on locating and identifying leaks and/or roof damages. Leaks in roofs or down walls can be obviously seen by tenants and can bring a negative image on the property. An indication that there are long term or ongoing leaks happening at the rental house can normally be identified when there is yellow to dark brown coloured patches on the ceiling, walls, as well as a mould smell or presence of mould and stale air.

Insure for Damage

Prior to taking on a house for rent, it is highly recommended to make sure that the house and roof are properly insured for damages. Do do this you will have to have the Insurance company inspect the roof and structure and pay any deductibles to fix any damages.

To ensure overall roof stability it is highly recommended that when you are securing property insurance that a complete roof inspection is done for insurance purposes as well as peace of mind…