Playing the Rise of Kingdom entails various techniques in attacking and defending your troops which is in a way similar to how politics move on city developments. The following Rise of Kingdoms guide may generally assist you in gaining battle success, loss reduction, and maximizing the reward on the battle

Moreover, within the Rise of Kingdoms, you may encounter two play types. The first one is the PvP or Player versus other Players or other civilizations. And the next play is the PvE or Player fighting against the Environment or the Barbarians, Sanctums, Altars, and Passes.

Ways in Using the Skills of Commander

Generally, all the Commander in the Rise of Kingdoms possess an innate skill set which involves passive and active skills. Activating the said skill of Commander does not need any actions from the player. It will basically be utilized through battles. 

Using an active skill may necessitate the Commander to have at least 1,000 rages. Yet, there are some Commanders that demand for greater or lesser rage due to their ability.

Attacking in Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Within this kingdom, there are actually 4 main attacks involved. They are the following:


The normal attack is under the category of a regular attack. It only requires to tap an attack normally over an enemy on the map. Usually, it needs about 50 Action Points.


Actually, in order to do a rally attack, it must have various armies or Alliance members that will generally form a single force troop to battle with other Kingdoms. Around 150 Action Points are the usual costs of this attack. 


The primary way to do this is through the close proximity of your own Alliance Territory to the Territory of the enemy.


This type of attack generally aims to force a rallying group to cover the capacity

Some Important Reminders

✔ The level of the Castle of the host player basically determines the size of the rally army. 

✔ Few resources and the Book of Covenant are the primary things to consider in order to upgrade the Castle.

The Book of Covenant can be acquired once the Barbarian Forts are defeated. Meanwhile, it can also be bought over the shop costing around 10 Gems.

✔ The injured members within the troop will be sent into the hospital while the combat is ongoing.