In modern political campaigns, it is imperative for the campaign organization to have coherent structure as well as staff just like any other established and big companies. The staff for political campaign would be in charge of formulating and implementing the needed strategy in order to win the election. There are a lot of people who have made their careers by working full-time for these campaigns. On the other hand, in some other campaigns, the staff work voluntarily, so they are unpaid.

Campaign Manager

A successful campaign will need a campaign manager to be able to coordination the entire operation of the campaign. Well basically, not just in campaigns, but also in product ads like the best 30 gas cooktop with downdraft; an efficient and experienced campaign manager can really boost its exposure and reach.

In addition to the candidate, campaign managers are usually the most visible leader of the entire campaign. Modern managers might be focused on how to execute strategy instead of setting it, especially if senior strategists are outside of the political consultants similar to media consultants and pollsters.


These are the so-called soldiers of the campaign who are loyal to the cause. They’re the true believers who’ll be carrying the campaign’s run and usually, volunteer activities. These people are actually interns who might take part in activities similar to making phone calls on behalf of campaign or canvassing door-to-door.


In the US, political campaigns aren’t just civic ritual and a platform for political debate. Campaigns are more of a multibillion-dollar industry that is dominated by experienced political consultants using well-thought campaign management tools. There are big variations among municipalities, counties and states on which offices will be elected and to under what procedures. In addition to that, compared to democratic politics in the rest of the globe, United States has somewhat weak parties.

And while it is true that these parties play a big role when it comes to fundraising and somehow in picking people to run, individual candidates themselves will still have total control of the campaign at the end of the day.

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