We are truly living in a historic moment right now as the COVID-19 pandemic dealt the entire world with tremendous impacts, driving us into the age of a new normal. This severe pneumonia-like illness, which is caused by a novel coronavirus that can be traced back to Wuhan, China, has forced major cities around the world into a lockdown, shutting the markets and businesses in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

At this point, it is already clear that the SARS-CoV-2  (the Wuhan novel coronavirus’ formal name) is not just a threat to public health. The longer the industries are closed, the bigger the losses incurred in the country’s economy. This has led to the nations’ leaders to make the biggest decision of their careers: reopening the economy in spite of the COVID-19 crisis being far from over.

Donald Trump

Reviving The Economy Would Be The First Step To Save The Country From The Pandemic’s Clutches

In May, US President Donald Trump made the call the reopen the economy, in spite of the fact that the actual magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic had only begun to become evident back then. Right now, there are 2.5 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States of America, with over a hundred thousand of Americans succumbing to this disease.

With this figure, it is imperative to prioritize the health of the population by implementing stricter public health regulations and improved healthcare system.

However, the US economy has also suffered so much since several states in the country were forced into a lockdown for weeks. It was claimed that having the economy closed for 24 hours in a single city can already amount to a million dollars worth of losses. This is something that the country couldn’t afford to experience in every city, especially that it would take a hefty amount of money for rehabilitation once the COVID-19 situation clears up. We still need to wait for the right time when going outside to find Homiesfoto to look for some funny images.

Trumps’ Call To Get Things Back To Normal Might Be Very Risky

President Trump has given the assurance that the Americans will not need to worry too much with the markets and industries back in operations again while there is still no end in sight when it comes to COVID-19. His supporters has lauded his fiery political will to come up with this bold decision in the middle of a pandemic, wherein the government should strike a good balance between protecting the health of the people and saving the crumbling economy. The president seems to be showing everyone that everything is starting to fall back into place, with his reelection campaign at full swing at Tulsa earlier this week. However, many people still think that this move is a bit too drastic.