Everytime we switch on our television, we see how intense the political affairs can be in this country. With the clash of Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives, we could not help but think if their debates are still for the sake of the people of the United States of America. After all, it is the people who elected them in power so that they can serve the country and protect the interest of its citizens.

One of the hottest issues in politics is the brewing impeachment complaint against the President of the United States (POTUS), Donald Trump. Of course, the Republicans are trying their best to stop this motion from progressing in Congress, but the Democrats are just as persistent to impeach Trump.

While some people think of this action as nothing but mere political maneuvering, the Democrats believe that the impeachment case is much more than that.

Impeachment Of Trump Is A ‘Call Of Duty’ And Not Just Retribution Against The Republican Party

Republicans claim that the Democrat congressmen who are pushing for the impeachment of Trump are just doing so in order to protect the interest of the Democrats in the United States. Since former US President Barrack Obama stepped down in 2017, the Democrats have experienced a steady decline in influence. By sending Trump out of the White House, there is a chance that the Democrats will regain its power in the government easily.

However, the Democrat party says that this impeachment raps versus the POTUS is a call of duty, citing the number of actions committed by Trump that did not only lambasted the constitution but also threatened the safety and welfare of the American people. According to Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or simply known by many as AOC, to impeach Trump is to do the Americans a huge favor.

A known critic of the Trump administration, AOC has been very vocal about her disagreement with the president’s decisions, especially those that target the welfare of the oppressed sectors of the society. For the Trump and Republican supporters, however, AOC has been doing nothing but inconvenience to the country. That is why you can hear many weird rumors about her and other opposition leaders, such as undergoing plastic surgery.

Nevertheless, all these developments in politics is a reminder that we should be very careful and well-informed in choosing the next leaders of the country. This is just as important as choosing between Sonos vs Bose as the best connected device for our security.