Negative Effects of Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Exhaust emissions from gas-powered leaf blowers can include substantial quantities of highly toxic chemicals associated with specific disorders, asthma, and other respiratory issues, in addition to the damage to the lungs, heart, and central nervous system.

Gas leaf blowers (which you can know more information about these at off dust and debris into the atmosphere which could include mold and bacterial spores, insect fish, eggs, dried animal waste, and dyes. These dangerous pollutants may linger in the atmosphere for hours, sit on windowsills or put in your house via doors and windows. Even short exposures could be detrimental.

Along with the negative health effects of leaf blowers pose issues linked to the dust raised by the effective stream of air. Dust clouds brought on by leaf blowers include potentially harmful chemicals such as mold, pesticides, and animal fecal matter that might result in allergies, aggravation, as well as an infection.

Noise pollution can be an issue with all leaf blowers, seeing as they may emit sound levels above those needed to induce hearing reduction to both operator and people nearby.

Leaf blowers pose a hearing threat to the almost 1 million individuals who are employed in grounds-keeping and yard support. A current study analyzed the occupational sound exposure one of the groundskeepers discovered sound levels from leaf blowers averaging 89 decibels (A-weighted) and highest sound pressure levels attaining 106 dB(A), equally exceeding the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Recommended Exposure Limit of 85 dB(A).

The town of Encinitas along with the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a community forum to explore a new proposal to get rid of the usage of leaf blowers.

Following month, the Encinitas City Council is advised to discuss the ordinance. Monday’s forum will consist of presentations on the ordinance allow it to attain the goals and will gain the town. City officials feel that the ordinance will reduce rates of allergens, dust, and noise.

A breach of this ordinance would lead to a fine of $100 raising for every breach. Electrical or battery- powered leaf blowers could be permitted inside the city if the ordinance is adopted.

The discussion will be held in the Banquet Hall of the Encinitas Community Center.


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