Trump’s visit to the Centers for Disease Control last Friday, did not alleviate public fears over coronavirus, as he continued to give misleading information.


As is typical of a Trump press conference, the CDC visit was all for show since this U.S. president was only trying to make it appear that his administration has everything under control, when clearly it does not. In truth, the coronavirus task force he created is still unable to provide the testing kits needed to help control the spread of the virus in the country.

Trump Contradicted Vice President Pence’s Coronavirus Report

Apparently Trump was unaware that the day before his CDC visit, Vice President Pence admitted that the government still does not have testing kits in numbers sufficient to meet the anticipated demand, when going forward with the coronavirus testing. The Vice President also said that even at present, there are not enough testing kits around in order to carry out widespread testing.

Aside from the fact that there are not enough tests to distribute across the country, there were other critical issues encountered with the Covid-19 tests deployed by the federal government. The first batch distributed in February, had produced inconclusive results believed to be due to a faulty reagent. Although the issue was corrected, the CDC did not have the capacity to test the kits sent out by the federal government; prompting the center to conduct testing at state-level facilities.

In contrast to Pence’s statements, Trump told reporters covering the CDC visit in Atlanta that since yesterday, (the day Pence admitted the insufficiency of the Covid-19 tests), anybody that requires testing can have one. He asserted that the important thing is that the tests are all perfect.

Trump even made light of the matter by saying that all tests were perfect just like the letter and the transcription. Obviously, the pun made reference to the letter and transcription linked to the messages directed to Ukraine President Zelensky.

Trump Had More to Say Over Self-Aggrandizement

Trump’s CDC press conference was more a podium for self-aggrandizement than about the current state of the coronavirus infection in the country. He talked in length about liking the stuff explained to him by the CDC doctors; and of how they were impressed that he understood what they were communicating to him. He even mused that maybe it was simply because of his natural ability.